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Raptor Dual

Raptor Dual

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The lightweight VertiMax Raptor Dual "two bands" unit is a revolutionary, portable resistance training system that is  designed to help athletes increase speed, power, first step quickness and overall athletic ability.
  • Train up to 2 athletes at one time
  • Train up to 20 yards
  • Light weight
  • Portable
  • Train any where
  • Horizontal and angled vertical resisted load
  • Constant resistance from start to finish
  • For athletes of all ages & skill level
  • For athletes in all sports
  • Patent technology
  • Trusted by olympians, professionals and youth around the world
  • Quick shipping
Load complex sports movements without disrupting technique. Get your athletes more efficient, moving faster with more quality and increased force development. Say goodbye to resistance bands that increase difficulty as they stretch, leading to form breakdown, wasted energy, and injury risks. With VertiMax, your athletes can execute consecutive, uninterrupted reps with precision, avoiding bad habits that hamper their athletic potential. And take your resistance training on the go with the VertiMax Raptor! 
Raptor Mounts:
  • Chain link fence
  • Wall
  • Portable mounting device
  • Sled
  • Rack
Raptor Band Options:
The VertiMax Raptor Dual unit has two cords with a training range of 0-20 yards each.  Select which Raptor band you'd like to purchase based on the info below:
 Diameter Resistance Color
1/4" Medium RED
5/16" Stronger BLUE
3/8" Strongest GRAY

If you need additional information to help make a decision on which strength Raptor please Click Here

Raptor Dual vs Raptor EX:

  • Raptor Dual has two bands of resistance for up to 20 yards
  • Raptor EX has one "Extended Range" band of resistance for up to 45 yards

Accessories included: 

  • 360 Belt (Medium)
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