Why VertiMax?


Why are Vertimax Platforms and Raptors the leading athletic performance training equipment tools in the world ?

Unlike any other training equipment, Vertimax Platforms and Raptors are specifically designed to maximize athletic potential by focusing on three key components: speed, explosive power and vertical jump. VertiMax's advanced resistance technology allows athletes of all ages to train in the horizontal plane with loads on specific areas of the body that result in extraordinary athletic performance improvements. VertiMax technology is used by leading world class olympic athletes, professional athletes, and college, high school, and youth sports athletes. VertiMax is not only used by the leading sports teams, it is used for fitness and sports training enthusiasts at home, and also in gyms, fitness centers, and studio around the world. VertiMax improves performance on the field and off like no other sports performance equipment in the world. Watch the video to learn more about VertiMax and why it is used and trusted by so many leading coaches, trainers, and athletes. 

VertiMax has changed sports performance training by revolutionizing the way athletes use resistance bands. The VertiMax patented technology works by allowing resistance to remain consistent as the bands are stretched up to 45 yards, depending on the type of Platform or Raptor. This means athletes can complete more consecutive uninterrupted reps for any given mobility drill. One of the significant challenges when sports performance training with traditional bands is that the resistance dramatically increases as the bands are stretched;  the more you stretch them the greater the resistance increases. An athlete loaded with a traditional band will only be able to train so far until their form breaks down. When form breaks down the athlete is wasting energy, prone to injury, and developing bad habits that can diminish athletic performance. VertiMax technologies avoid this problem.

Strength gains from resistance training are highly correlated to the velocity you train at. Low velocity training (heavy squats) builds low velocity strength and high velocity training builds high velocity strength. If you are trying to increase high velocity sports performance you need to engage in a light load, high velocity training regimen. Simply put, the ability to generate more force at higher velocities will directly lead to increased speed. The VertiMax technology provides the ability to train at a high velocity with a light load. Here are some of the great benefits and features of the VertiMax Technology used in both the Platforms and Raptors. 

Why are VertiMax Platforms and Raptors the best sports and athletic training equipment ?

  1. Smooth and constant resistance
    VertiMax technology changes the way elastic bands work by completely eliminating the potential for radical increases in resistance felt any time you stretch a conventional elastic band.
  2. Train across long distances with multiple drills
    VertiMax Platforms and Raptors can drastically increase the training range, giving athletes the ability to load resistance bands for distance of over 40 yards. This means athletes can complete more consecutive uninterrupted reps for any given mobility drill.
  3. Train multiple athletes simultaneously
    With VertiMax raptors and Platforms you can train multiple athletes at the same time, enabling coaches to be more efficient when training teams for any sport.
  4. Ability to load at high speeds
    VertiMax resistance allows athletes to achieve the highest resisted training velocities possible during training drills. And the faster you can train with a load, the greater your high-speed strength gains or power outputs will be. If you’re trying to improve your top end running, or throwing speed for example, the Vertimax gives you the competitive advantage you need to reach your full potential.
  5. Maintain better balance for safer and more effective training movements
    VertiMax band technology allows any athlete, patient or gym member to maintain far more stability and balance during exercise and training programs. Because Vertimax provides continual and smooth resistance, users aren’t forced to stabilize themselves against inconsistent exercise resistance, as is the case with conventional elastics.

    Leading soccer, football, basketball, baseball, volleyball, MMA, and other top sports athletes from the world's leading teams use VertiMax technology. VertiMax Platforms and Raptors are used by youth, high school, collegiate, professional, and weekend warrior athletes. Some of the leading coaches, athletic trainers, and experts in high performance sports training are huge fans of the VertiMax technology. Here is what leading coaches and athletes say about the benefits of VertiMax Platforms and VertiMax Raptors:

    "Any athlete can use it. Big guys, smaller guys, kickers, quarterbacks. Increase agility, strengthen the glutes, the hams; it's everything.” DeSean Jackson, NFL Pro Bowl Receiver

    “After implementing VertiMax in our off-season strength and conditioning program, our basketball team’s cumulative vertical jump capability in sheer inches increased by a magnitude that I have not seen in my 26-year coaching career. The VertiMax has made every player on my team a more dominate athlete, providing me a more competitive team to work with. After seeing what VertiMax has done for my program in three short months, I can’t imagine any coach not making VertiMax an integral part of their team’s strength and conditioning program.” Bruce Weber, Head Basketball Coach, Kansas State 

    “VertiMax is the best training system incorporating upper body loading into an already highly effective explosion training device. Incorporating the upper body to improve the lift aspect of vertical jump training is a giant breakthrough for all skill levels. I can say without hesitation, it is a device of great importance in my or any training program.” Garrett Giemont, Pittsburgh Steelers Head Strength Coach, Super Bowl Champions


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