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Ankle Strap Set

Ankle Strap Set

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FUNCTIONALITY: VertiMax ankle straps are most effective when used with the VertiMax Platforms &/or VertiMax Raptors. Use these ankle straps for exercises such as inner and outer thigh contractions, leg extensions, kickbacks, hip abduction, lunges, and VERTICAL JUMP - to improve your leg game! 

VERSATILITY: Whether it is sports, fitness, or rehab, you can use our VertiMax ankle straps for just about any lower body or core strengthening exercise.

QUALITY: These ankle straps are made from soft neoprene padding that cushions above and below the ankle. These attachments fit any size or body type. These fully adjustable (made with a longer velcro strip) ankle straps are made of a secure, high-grade nylon and thick padding to give you high quality comfort and stability. Designed to fit MEN, WOMEN, & CHILDREN. Just put them on and adjust to desired fit.
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