Track Slide for V6 Pro & V8

Track Slide for V6 Pro & V8

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There are 4 different types of track slide replacements for VertiMax equipment.  

In order to purchase the appropriate track slide, you will need to know which unit you have 

*(V6 Pro, V8, or V8 EX).  

Also, you will need to locate which band flows through your current damaged track slide 

*(1/4” or 5/16”).  

  • V6 Pro & V8 1/4” (Fits band set 7&8)
  • V6 Pro & V8 5/16” (Fits band set 5&6)
  • V8 EX 1/4” (Fits band set 7&8)
  • V8 EX 5/16” (Fits band set 5&6)