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VertiMax V8 EX

VertiMax V8 EX

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The new VertiMax V8 EX “Extended Range” training system is designed to help athletes maximize speed and sport-specific performance on the field of play.

  • Train up to 5 athletes at one time
  • Train up to 20 yards off platform
  • Load upper & lower body simultaneously
  • Horizontal and vertical resisted load
  • Constant resistance from start to finish
  • Wheels for portability
  • For athletes of all ages & skill level
  • For athletes in all sports
  • Patent technology
  • Trusted by olympians, professionals and youth around the world
  • Quick shipping

The ability to train at higher velocities with consistent resistance, will stimulate the athlete’s neurological and muscular systems to work collectively. This will help develop more output power at higher speeds, which is commonly referred to as explosive power. If you are looking at improving top end speed, vertical jump, throwing power, kicking strength and athletic performance capabilities, the V8 EX provides a significant advantage over other resistance training tools.

V8 EX “Extended Range” vs V8 Provides:

  • Longer range for athletes to accelerate to higher resisted training velocities
  • More repetitive reps
  • A distance long enough to stimulate complex athletic game like movements

Accessories included:

  • Waist Harness Belt (Medium)
  • 360 Belt (Medium)
  • Hip Flexor Set (Small)
  • Ankle Strap Set 
  • Palm Strap Set
  • Hand Grip Set

Unit size: 4′ x 6′ perimeter w/ 4’ x 4’ landing mat

Platform color: black

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IMPORTANT:  The freight company will contact you to schedule a delivery appointment.  You (or your assign) will need to be available to accept the delivery and sign for it once you have inspected and all appears to be in order.  This item cannot be shipped to a P.O. Box or Shipping/Receiving Center.

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